If you find a better price within 3 days of your purchase, for the exact same product, we will gladly price match where available. If you find the item you're seeking at a better price we will match that price where available at time of purchase.

The conditions are:

• The item must be an OEM part. 
• Item cannot be a knock-off but original. 
• Item cannot be used or refurbished. 
• The item is not 'on sale' where the vendor has a special unique temporary price. (We will still do the best we can). 
• The item must be in stock at vendor's warehouse and available to ship in 24 hours directly to you. 
• Item cannot be below our net price. (all vendors don't get the same discounts). 
• Item cannot be priced at quantity discounts unless you want the same quantity. 
• Item must be posted on vendor's website displaying the price. 
• (Other conditions may apply depending on any unique circumstances).