Slicermixserparts.com  is a member of the SupplyDIRECT, Inc. family, and has been on the Internet since 1999. 
SDI has been in business since 1988 and is located in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area.  SDI was formed to market food service equipment parts to commercial repair companies, independents and institutional customers.
The company created PartsDIRECT in 1995 (www.partsdirect.bz), a complete foodservice replacement parts distribution company supporting such customers as Dominos Pizza, McDonalds franchisees, Waffle House, School Systems, Hospitals and Independent Operators. This site boasts some 15,000,000 parts and repair manuals. In 2005 SDI launched kitchenstuff.com (www.kitchenstuff.com), a website to help customers identify parts for hard to identify equipment, easy lookup and search functions for parts and items supporting foodservice establishments.
The items found on our sites have excellent support from its manufacturers. You will never find an item on our site that we know is poorly supported by the manufacturer. From the years of experience at SDI, we can protect you from purchasing an item we feel might give you problems down the road, in either warranty or more importantly, replacement. No other website or dealer boasts this service of assurance. You can be confident that the items found on our site have been 'Certified' by our team of experts. We are not saying that because a manufacturer is not listed means you might have problems, but you can be assured that the items we do have listed have our 'Certified Stamp'. We ask the questions of the manufacturer you need answers too. Many website companies just list zillions of items with no regard to support.
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