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Welcome to the univex parts store

We are an official Univex parts distributor, we sell only authentic OEM parts & accessories. Univex is one of the oldest manufacturers of mixers, slicers, dough processors, ovens and preparation equipment for the foodservice industry in the United States. Founded in 1948, they have built quality equipment for industries covering hospitality, restaurants, pizzeria’s, bakeries, caterers and food processing manufacturing.

Univex machines are known for their durability and tough engineering. It is not uncommon to find Univex machines still in use from decades ago. It is also a compliment to the end user that parts are available for many of the older models also. We pride ourselves on finding old and hard to find Univex parts through our ‘parts network’ both within the USA and abroad. With the use of our sister website you can easily locate your part with the use of our ‘explosion’ parts pictures depicted in the actual ‘zone’ of your equipment. And of course, when in doubt, call use for personal service or if outside the USA you may email us and even chat us during normal business hours EST. We ship all over the world.

We can supply you with any internal or external replacement part you need. From the foot on the bottom of your slicer, to a belt in your mixer to a thickness adjustment dial, slicer blades, blade guards, sharpening and honing stones, switches, motors, bearings, bowl lift handles, speed indicators, patty press paper, pulleys, shredder and slicing plates, G-Peeler peeling discs, Buffalo Choppers, replacement parts for all makes and models.

Univex offers a vast array of food preparation equipment to cover your most demanding needs, and we handle all the replacement parts for these units too. We also sell the complete machines if the need arises. Since we have such an experienced staff, we can keep your machine running for decades to come. We can also help size the proper machine for your demands.

Their Planetary mixers are known for their unique variable-speed drives. These mixers cover the needs for operators from the 12-quart tabletop unit SRM12 to rugged floor models which can handle 80 pounds of dough, the SRM80+. These mixers have a wide capacity range for such products as waffle dough, mashed potatoes, Mayonnaise (22 quarts of oil), raised doughnut dough, heavy bread dough (80 lbs), pizza dough (thin to thick 80 lbs), cake, egg and sugar for sponge cake, sponge cake batter and pie dough to name a few. These mixers have all the agitators you will need too. Agitators like batter beaters, wire whips, dough hooks, four-wing whips and pastry knives to make your job easier.

The professional grade Spiral Mixers are used for high volume operations for such tasks as kneading dough. The service requirements of these mixers are so low they are practically service free. The Univex Spiral Mixers range from 70-quart capacity to 418-quart capacity. Producing finished goods from 110 lbs. to 660 lbs.


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